10 Travel Hashtags to Use and Follow on Instagram

10 Travel Hashtags to Use and Follow on Instagram

Everyone loves Instagram, so there's no shame in admitting it. Whatever kind of traveller you may be (that's basically everyone, right?), Instagram allows you to share your current adventure whilst also scrolling through other people's adventures. You’ve probably already done the usual tricks of adding #travel, tagging the country or city you're in at the moment, and maybe even adding #instatravel or #trip before posting online and waiting for the “likes” to come in. While these hashtags may have been effective once, they have become rather pointless. However, the following ten unusual hashtags will lead you to some really interesting pictures, as well as serve as great aids in sparking your creativity when posting your own travel photos!

1. #FromWhereIStand

If you've come to realize that you don't always come across as photogenic as you'd like in your selfies, but you do happen to be wearing a nice pair of shoes while standing in a dazzling place, then this hashtag is the one for you!

 Photos taken by @sollip and @karinamalias

2. #FriendsAndWalls

Another tagging trend you should try is using friends and walls as props. Just combine these two things and look at what amazing pictures you can get! Your friend will now have a new option for his or her profile picture on Facebook, and your followers will be exposed to a new source of inspiration. Grab a friend and find a wall!

 Photos taken by @darknatya and @kruzhe

3. #SoloBikeParking

A picture of a lonely, parked bike just may set the mood for your day. How? Well, there's just something about them...

 Photos taken by @katinkafriis and @in_and_outside_london

4. #JustBackFrom 

Your holiday is over, or at least nearing its end... Select the best pictures from your trip and share your personalised souvenir collection with the world! Don't forget to add descriptions so that the rest of us can get a taste of what you experienced.

 Photos taken by @lucytravelstories 

5. #WeEatWorld 

Forget about #nomnom or #delicious. WARNING: Do not scroll through this hashtag's feed (or share photos with this hashtag) if you (or your followers) are in a peckish mood and/or dieting.

 Photos taken by @sherleyowen

6. #ChasingFog

Fog makes everything so ghostly and unworldly... If there is any chance of fog appearing in your vicinity, grab your camera/phone and capture it!

 Photos taken by @danekpavel and @rontimehin 

7. #PuddleGram 

Rainy days can get pretty annoying whilst traveling, but they are no reason to hide away in your hotel room watching Star Wars and eating sweets. Actually, this kind of weather gives you the opportunity to improve your skills and see the sights through a different perspective – that of "puddle".

 Photos taken by @alpertunc and @lekestove 

8. #OnTheRoofs

Fond of conquering the urban jungle from a bird's-eye view? Then this hashtag is an "absolute must" for you! Why? Because most of us are not as crazy as you ( “crazy' in a good way, that is). And some of us actually suffer from acrophobia (the fear of heights), so other people's pictures are our only option. Please – share yours with the world!

 Photos taken by @thomvsfrs and @rooftop_girls

9. #KicksOnAPlane 

Wearing a pair of sneakers while flying? Let's bring some fashion on board!

 Photos taken by @lizdumdum and @washnews 

10. #Airbaltic

Be sure to label the best memories of your flight with this hashtag. And don't forget to use it because we occasionally search under it to find stunning photos to share with the world on our own Instagram account. Perhaps your photo will be the next one we feature!

Photos taken by @actpohabt and @yananikolaeva


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