What’s new in Amsterdam?

What’s new in Amsterdam?

Famous for its resident’s ingenuity, the Dutch capital always gives cool new reasons to pay a visit.

Things to know about Amsterdam
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    Country - Netherlands
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    Capital city - Amsterdam
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    Language - Dutch
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    Currency - Euro (EUR)
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    Average temperature (yearly) - 11C°
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    Wall socket type - F
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Hotel in the crane
Yays Concierged Boutique Apartments’ Figee Crane 2868 is located on KNSM-Island – once home to the Royal Dutch Steamboat Company (KNSM), now a creative hub with striking examples of modern architecture. Figee Crane 2868 is the only specimen remaining of the harbour cranes built in the 1940s and 1950s by the Figee brothers. In active use loading and unloading ships until 1979, the crane was carefully restored and in 2017 it opened as the Yays Crane Apartment. The apartment measures 40 square metres and is situated on two levels. It consists of three former containers built into the crane’s ‘skeleton’, and the interior, made by local designer Edward can Vliet, was inspired by the island’s industrial heritage. Of course, the main highlight of this apartment-in-a-crane is the fantastic view over the IJ river and Amsterdam’s skyline.


New metro line
The Rokin metro station is one of seven metro stations on Amsterdam’s newest metro line, Noord/Zuidlijn (North/South), which opened this summer. It’s one of the most grandiose projects in the Dutch capital in recent years and took 22 years to complete. Plays a host to an exhibition “Below the Surface” which displays about 9500 of the artefacts found when digging the tunnels for the new line. The walls of Rokin station are graced with a 120-metre-long mosaic by French artists Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel. Each of the line’s metro stations are designed differently, its architecture influenced by the specific aura of its neighbourhood.



Highest swings in Europe
Housed in the former Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company’s tower, now called A’dam Tower, the A’dam Lookout viewing platform is equipped with telescopes and an interpretive exposition and offers a 360° view of Amsterdam. But the main draw of the place are the swings, hanged over the platform’s edge. Called ‘Over the Edge’ they are the highest in Europe and lets the daredevils swing 80 metres above sea level, over the roofs of Amsterdam.

Eco-friendly canal tour
According to statistics by Waternet, a Dutch water management company, about 3500 kilograms of garbage are removed from Amsterdam’s waterways every single day. Go on board of one of the ten Plastic Whale boats and combine “business with pleasure” – during the two-hour tour the visitors can admire the beautiful Dutch architecture and listen to informative titbits told by the tour guide all the while fishing out plastic with the long-handled fishing nets. Doesn’t that sound fun? In fact, Plastic Whale has made line of office furniture created from garbage fished out of Amsterdam’s canals.


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