Made in Latvia: 12 local brands you should know about

Made in Latvia: 12 local brands you should know about


What do you know about Latvia? Probably you've heard something about the beautiful Baltic sea or our dazzling traditional souvenirs like amber and silver jewelry. No doubt that these things and places are worth visiting if you have just started to get interested in travelling to this country. But here you can discover even more! We've scouted out the top local brands for you, so be sure to check out these Latvian labels you wouldn't want to miss! 


1. Elīna Dobele Boutique / shoe fashion designer

elinadobelePhotos taken from:


2. One Wolf / clothing

onewolfPhotos taken from:


3. Ecattus / clothing

ecattusPhotos taken from:


4. BIRZI / beverages

birziPhotos taken from:


5. Brum Brum / kids goods

brumbrumPhotos taken from:



6. Skrip Skrap / kids goods

skripskrapPhotos taken from:


7. MIESAI / design products

miesaiPhotos taken from:


8. Buteljons / art and crafts

buteljonsPhotos taken from:


9. "mammalampa" / handmade lamps

mammalampaPhotos taken from:


10. MINT Furniture / furniture

mintfurniturePhotos taken from:


11. Ērenpreiss Bicycles / bicycles 

erenpreissPhotos taken from:


12. Velosock / bike covers

velosockPhotos taken from:

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