Dog-friendly Berlin

Dog-friendly Berlin

With loads of greenery, pet-loving locals, and welcoming eateries, Berlin holds all the right cards for a trip together with your beloved Fido. Here are three things to do in German capital together with your dog.

Take an urban stroll
With long distances for energetic pets and loads of street art for their owners to admire the streets of Berlin are particularly good for strolling. Check out the East Side Gallery – breathing new life into the historical Berlin Wall, it’s the longest (1.3 km) open-air gallery in the world. While the leash is obligatory, there are many areas where dogs can run around freely, including Volkspark in Friedrichshain and one of the hippest hangout places, the former Tempelhof airport field.

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Devour the German morsels
Another thing that makes Berlin a great place to visit with your dog is the fact that you can buy and enjoy some of your most memorable meals out on the street. Your pet can amuse you while you wait in line at the legendary Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap (Mehringdamm 32), or you can share a Currywurst at one of the numerous kiosks on the streets. Many walk-in eateries also gladly host four-legged visitors. For instance, have a fine dining experience at the dog-welcoming Bricole Restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg – it’s Berlin’s take on French cuisine.

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Take a nap
Berlin also has a handful of pet-friendly hotels such as the hip Gorki Apartments (Weinbergsweg 25). The apartments range from studios to penthouses and perfectly embody the city’s laid-back yet sophisticated spirit. Bringing a pet costs EUR 20 per night, but there are no size restrictions – as long as your pet fits through the door, it’s more than welcome to stay. Moreover, the hotel provides bowls for food and water and very spacious dog beds.

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Keep in mind when flying with a pet:
Cats and small dogs can travel with you in the cabin, in a transport container (must not exceed 55x40x23 cm), placed under the seat in front of you. The combined weight of the animal and the transport container does not exceed 8 kilograms.
Big four-legged friends can fly as checked baggage! The combined weight of the animal and the container cannot exceed 75 kilograms.
If the animal exceeds 75 kilograms, it can be transported as manifested cargo.
A trained and certified service animal accompanying a physically challenged passenger can travel for free in the aircraft cabin – no weight limitations or containers are needed.
Five pets can accompany one passenger.
Comfort is everything – The container must be large enough for the animal to stand in its natural position, turn around, and lie down. When an animal boards the plane, the captain is notified what kind of an animal has been put on board. The captain regulates the temperature according to the needs of the specific animal (around 20°C for dogs and cats). When the plane lands, animal containers are the first to be unloaded from the cargo hold.

Special rules apply to flights to and from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, and the United Arab Emirates.

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Plan a trip together with your pet!

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