6 beautiful reasons to visit Sochi

6 beautiful reasons to visit Sochi

Sandwiched between Black sea and the Caucasus Mountains, the so-called Russian Rivera, Sochi features many allurements which makes it one of top holiday destinations of Russia.


Sunny Sunny
300 days of sunshine

One of the reasons to visit Sochi is, of course, the mild subtropical weather. If statistics are to be believed, the city receives around 300 sunny days a year. You can stroll under the shade of the palm trees and appreciate other examples of the lush vegetation all year round. In fact, locally grown fruits and vegetables, not to mention the air, contain a rich amount of iodine, an important element for thyroid health and the region also has one of the world’s largest sources of hydrosulphuric springs and iodine-bromine waters, therefore Sochi is renown as a spa city. For over a half century the Russian elite has been coming here to enjoy the healing environment.

The beauty of nature


Apart from being invigorative, the surroundings of Sochi are a true joy for the eyes. Best place to marvel the beauty of nature is Sochi Arboretum: a favoured place among the locals and visitors alike. Founded in 1892, this tremendous park and botanical garden houses a unique collection of more than 1800 species of exotic trees and flowers from all over the world. The arboretum consists of an upper and lower park, together occupying fifty hectares.


The splendid Grand Marina

With an atmosphere similar to one of Nice, Monte Carlo, or Cannes the Sochi Grand Marina is a fitting venue for a romantic evening stroll. While the array of luxurious boats and yachts parked in the marina serves as a postcard-perfect backdrop, the area offers a vast selection of fancy dinner spots and lavish shopping destinations. One of the most famous and expensive restaurants in Sochi, Chaika (translated as ‘seagull’) also is here.


The vivid street art

The beauty of Sochi can be found also in the urban area which is dotted with vibrant graffiti and murals. A considerable share of these, including the tongue-in-cheek portrait of Albert Einstein, near the Sochi railway station, have been made by the street artist duo from Belarus called StreetSkills. By the way, StreetSkills are developing a virtual tour that will follow the most interesting sightseeing points in Sochi, including the marina and Kurortny Avenue. With the help of a mobile phone, it will be possible to explore the city as an open-air street-art gallery.


The mighty mountains

A visit to Sochi wouldn’t be complete without visiting the mountains. The ski resorts lie only an hour’s drive from Sochi. The motorway leads beside the curves of the 89-kilometre Mzymta River, Russia’s largest river. The 2014 Winter Olympics cost 50 billion US dollars, which made it the most expensive Olympics in history.  The Olympic venues, which were constructed mostly in Adler and in this mountainous region, do not stand empty now, as often happens in many other Olympic host cities. Sochi’s ski resorts draw both locals and tourists for skiing and freeriding in winter and hiking, biking, rafting, and horseback riding in summer.


The vestiges of Winter Olympics

About 30 kilometres from Sochi resides the Olympic Park. Resembling a mountain, this impressive venue now hosts a Formula One Grand Prix race and also this June and July, will welcome the fans and football players of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


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